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How to Choose a Web Design Company in Melbourne

By November 23, 2020March 18th, 2021No Comments
How to choose a web design company in Melbourne

Looking to create a website for your business? Searching for a web design company in Melbourne? Perhaps you already have a few names in mind, or you are hunting for quotes to compare. No matter which stage of the process you are at, this brief guide will help you choose your web design company.

Identify your requirements and web design goals

Before you begin looking for a web design agency in Melbourne, it’s important to have a good idea of what you need your website to achieve for you. Here are some examples of goals for your website:

  • Promote your business
  • Generate leads
  • Sell online
  • Collect payments
  • Generate bookings and appointments
  • Allow users to fill in forms on your website

Here are some examples of features your website may need to achieve these goals:

  • E-commerce functionality
  • Online forms and booking systems
  • User-friendly navigation, conversion-optimised pages and search-engine optimised content
  • SSL certificate for secure communication

Search for web design agencies in Melbourne

Once you know what you need, it’s time to begin searching for prospective web design agencies. Look for agencies in your locality, city and nationwide.

Simply look up Google using search queries like “web design agency in Melbourne” and you will come across several options.

Video conferencing apps such as Google Meet and Zoom have made collaboration and communication easy. No matter where you are in Australia, you can safely and securely connect with prospective web designers to discuss your requirements.

Review the agency’s experience, portfolio and culture

When it comes to choosing a good web design agency, three things matter a lot: experience, portfolio and company culture. These three aspects will help you determine what to expect from your agency, how your project would be managed, if they meet your standards and goals and if they are a good fit for your project.

  • Experience – How long have they been in the industry? Have they designed websites for your industry? What kind of results have they achieved for their clients in the past?
  • Portfolio – A portfolio provides insight into the agency’s coding expertise, creativity, industry experience and more. Do they build mobile responsive websites? Do all their websites look similar in navigation, structure, imagery, etc.? Do they adhere to the latest web design best practices?
  • Culture – The agency’s culture tells you about their working style and personality. You can identify their culture by exploring their social media pages, finding about their community involvement and reviewing their team pages.

Read reviews and testimonials

In addition to the portfolio, be sure to read online reviews and client testimonials of all the agencies you are considering for your web design project. Reviews are a good measure of how happy their clients are with their work and their customer service. You can see Walker Digital’s reviews on Google here.

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