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How to Redesign Your Website?

By September 13, 2022October 12th, 2022No Comments
how to redesign your website

A website redesign is no mean feat. There are several steps to take before your new website takes shape. What’s a website redesign?

In simple terms, a redesign project aims to revamp or overhaul your website and update everything that needs a refresh, from the content management and core functions to the layout and visuals.

Here at Digital Walker, we have redesigned a fair number of websites for businesses across Melbourne.

In this post, we take you through the steps involved in redesigning a website.

A quick note. When you hire a web design agency like Walker Digital, your project manager or website designer will help you through each step of this process. Even so, it’s always good to have an idea about how things work.

Assess Your Current Pages

Take out time to analyse the quality of your existing pages, identifying the lowest and highest performing ones. Doing this without data is difficult. That’s where your website’s analytics comes in handy.

A quick look through your website’s analytics will tell you:

  • Which pages are driving conversions consistently – these are pages you don’t have to make many changes to.
  • Which pages are not performing well – these are the ones that will need the most changes and updates.

If something is working well on a page, identify it and use this to update the rest of your site.

Establish Your Goals

It’s time to identify what you want your redesigned website to achieve for you and for your visitors. Goal-setting is at the heart of a successful redesign project.

However, it’s not enough to consider your goals. It’s equally important to consider your target audience.

Let’s say you want to improve the amount of time visitors spend on your pages. Based on your analysis in the previous step, you must establish how you can deliver a better user experience so visitors stick around longer. Perhaps you need to improve your page speed. Fix the navigation. Add more content.

Chart Out a Plan for the Redesign Project

Without planning, your redesign may not achieve the established goals.

You must identify everything that needs to be done to achieve your goals and write them all down. Be as specific as possible.

Let’s say you want to increase the conversion rate. Your analysis shows that the page speed must be improved. You have decided to design a modern, fast-loading, mobile-friendly website. Now you must figure out other ways to improve your page load speed – such as image compression and optimisation, browser caching, reducing redirects, etc.

At the same time, you must make sure that the redesign project does not affect your SEO strategy in any way. If a lot of your target customers find your business through search engines, your redesign project must consider SEO.

Create a Timeline

Just like any other project, your web design project must have a deadline. Timelines help ensure your project is completed as planned.

Skip this step only if you want your redesign project to go on forever. And that decision can cost you a lot of time, energy and money.

Set an official launch date so you can kick off a marketing strategy to coincide with the launch to generate the maximum traffic to your fresh website. Use the launch date as a guide to break down the process into smaller phases, each with a due date.

Kick-off the Design Process

Once your redesign plan kicks off, the design team from Digital Walker will create prototypes for the different pages of your website.

You might create a new homepage, update the inner pages or update the different elements across the website. What you actually do will depend on the goals and the task list you’ve created in the previous steps.

We will analyse and edit the prototypes until they meet your requirements.

Build Your Website

This is the step where our Melbourne-based designers will work their magic to build your website.

Once you have signed off the prototypes and the user testing has been completed, our team will prepare the designs and get your website ready for launch.

Test and Launch

Once the website has been built, we will extensively test your website to weed out bugs and errors.

Once that phase is completed, your website will be ready for launch.

Ready to discuss your web design project? Contact Walker Digital today to schedule your free consultation.