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Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

By March 18, 2021No Comments
Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

The year 2015 saw more Google searches coming from mobile devices than from desktops for the first time! In the year 2020, 50.81% of website traffic came from mobile devices. In fact, mobile devices account for 50% of all traffic since 2017.

If you are reading this blog post, you likely know the importance of mobile-friendly web design and are looking for ways to offer a fantastic user experience to mobile visitors.

In this post, we share some of our top tips to make your website mobile-friendly. Let’s begin!

Ditch the Mouse

When people look up your website on their smartphones and tablets, they are unlikely to use a mouse to navigate your site. And navigating a website on a 5-inch screen isn’t easy.

You must make your website tap-friendly. In other words, the clickable elements of your website should be touchscreen-friendly.

Make sure buttons and calls to action are big and easy to click on. Ensure there’s enough space between buttons so users don’t click the wrong one accidentally. You must also consider the placement of clickable elements on mobile screens. Steer clear of corners as they are hard to reach using a thumb while you are holding the phone.

If a form has a drop-down menu on the desktop version, make sure the form is larger and easier to tap with a fingertip.

Speed Things Up

People are impatient. If your site takes its own sweet time to load, you are turning off potential customers.

You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to see how fast your website is.

Here are some things you can implement to speed up your website:

  • Use accelerated mobile pages (AMP) to ensure your website loads quickly on mobile phones.
  • Ensure images are compressed. A compressed file loads much faster than a bulky only.
  • If you are using videos, avoid hosting them on your website. Instead, embed your videos through a third-party service like YouTube or Vimeo.

Simplify the Navigation Menu

A mobile screen offers limited real estate for your website. You must consider this when designing the navigation menu.

A desktop menu can be more extensive and feature tons of options. However, things get complicated on smaller screens.

Imagine having to zoom pinch the screen or scroll continuously to see all the navigation options. That doesn’t make for a pleasant experience, does it?

Ensure that all the menu options can easily fit in a single screen. Keep the navigation concise and simple.

Keep Forms Short

As a general rule of thumb, the fewer the questions you ask on a form, the better the user experience.

If your users are filling out your forms on a desktop, it’s not a huge issue per se as they can easily navigate and type on a larger screen. However, things get tricky when it comes to tablets and smartphones.

Typing on a mobile phone is no fun. The keyword is tiny. The letters are stuck together.

On a phone, the less your users have to type, the better their experience. Only ask for vital information and drop all other questions.

For example, if you are asking users to sign up to your newsletter, all you need is their name and email address. You don’t need their phone number or home address.

Avoid Walls of Text

Make it easy for mobile users to digest your message. A five-line paragraph may seem small on a desktop screen but it will take a lot of space on a mobile phone.

You don’t have to shorten your content. Simply break long chunky paragraphs into smaller ones.

Shorter paragraphs are easier to read.

You can even break content into small sections.

So begin with a heading and add subheadings at regular intervals to break your text into digestible bits.

You can even add visual elements like photos and images but they can slow your page down.

Need a Mobile Responsive Website?

If you are looking to build a responsive website for your business, feel free to reach out to the website design professionals at Walker Digital. With years of experience in web design, we can deliver a solution that helps you win customers.

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