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Top Tips for Building a Highly Effective Homepage

By December 7, 2021No Comments
highly effective homepage

The homepage is where most of your website visitors land on. It is your website’s entry point and how it welcomes them will determine whether they want to stay on or hit the back button on their browser.

That’s why a visually appealing design isn’t enough – if you want to create a lasting impression on visitors and ensure they stay glued to your site for long, you must build an engaging, compelling homepage.

Here are some essential elements of a killer homepage.

Get to the Point Right Away

Be sure to tell visitors what you offer and grab their attention right off the bat. Write an effective headline so your prospective customers know what your business does and how you stand out from the competition.

The headline is generally the first thing that welcomes visitors so make sure to make the most of it. Keep it short, optimise it for SEO and tell them about your brand.

Optimise Your CTAs

Not all homepages need call to action buttons. However, if you plan to include a CTA, be sure to optimise it for conversions. When done well, your CTAs can help lower bounce rates and boost conversions. If the goal is to make visitors take action, you must make your CTA compelling.

A short and clear CTA is highly effective. Ideally, keep the wording under 4 words.

Placement is equally important. If the CTA goes unnoticed, your visitors won’t be able to take the desired action. Ensure the CTA does not go unseen by placing it right.

Use High Resolution Imagery

Photos can instantly tell your visitors what you do and what they can expect from your business. So be sure to complement your copy with high quality images.

Steer clear of stock photos whenever possible. Generic images don’t always create the impact you might be looking for. Always opt for designing custom graphics or better yet professional photos. Although these are expensive options, they are the most effective.

Include the Essentials

As experienced web designers, we know that there are some important elements that visitors expect to see on your website. As most websites feature these elements, it’s crucial to take the time to design and position them strategically to build a memorable, functional homepage.

These essentials include:

  • Your logo
  • Website tagline
  • Navigation menu
  • Search function
  • Contact information

Wrapping Up

Building an effective homepage is no mean feat. It involves in-depth research, proper planning, attention to detail, website performance, clean design and aligning to your website’s goals and purpose among other things. That’s why it’s important to choose the right web design agency.

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